February 12, 2016

A DIY Performance

Do-It-Yourself with the knowledge that you are becoming a better human. It’s fun, it’s easy, it will make you money. No experience necessary, no prior use of power tools required.
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Somewhere Series #5 - Cross St, Auckland

Te Uru Gallery, Titirangi, Auckland - They Come From Far Away - Feb 2016


August 31, 2014

Created & performed as part of the Taipei Artist Village residency, Taiwan.

This Means You is a camouflage performance on the margins of certainty. A temporary structure unearths a fragile persona who teeters on being and not-quite-being with an urgent message to share.


Also performed at -

Turku New Performance Festival, FINLAND

They Come from Far Away, Te Uru Gallery, Auckland

Massey University Campus, Palmerston North

Meyers Park, Auckland


A video installation accompanies the performance, shot entirely in Taipei, it charts numerous sponteneous performances in and around the city.

HD 23mins


THIS MEANS YOU - Video segment

M&A - Senneby+Goldin

September 30, 2013

Goldin+Senneby have been working concurrently with New Zealand’s playwright Jo Randerson, who has been scripting a speculative scene for the gallery. The actor, Stephen Bain, will be rehearsing the script on a daily basis. The theatrical production is entirely dependent on the speculations’ financial performance. The rehearsals will continue as long as the trading budget lasts.


The project speculates on a variety of issues like the precariousness of labour in conjunction to the variations in funding both from private and public sources. It problematizes the relationship between the world of art and that of finance, against the backdrop of globalization and its local consequences.



Artspace Gallery, Auckland - archive images & text

The Long White Cloud - William Pope L.

August 02, 2013

Performer for William Pope L. installation film The Long White Cloud


Te Tuhi Gallery, Auckland

August 2013

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