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City Farm Fiction

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

City Farm Fiction is still at concept form, though various models have been completed as a preliminary stage toward full realisation.

City Farm Fiction is an interactive 9-screen semiotic performance wall that uses language from city shop-fronts as source material for concrete-matrix poems, triggered by sound via a listening post.

Re-appropriating the language of marketing, three-word poems undergo a ‘scrambling operation’ to reveal new meanings, activated by an auditory trigger housed in a free-standing colourful megaphone.

Simultaneous to the word scrambling, a sound component uses prepared-piano compositions to playfully encourage a non-linear reading and give the installation a sense of dynamic momentum.

City Farm Fiction uses mathematic and grammatical logic, it also has a purely associative sense that is subjective and poetic. The semiotics of marketing language as experienced walking through commercial city streets has a clear intention: to restrict meaning and illicit desire for products and services.

The installation uses shop signage to playfully re-appropriate and empower the imagination of young people and adults alike, through the transformative power of fiction. The artwork sets up a game that may also be carried out into the real world.

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