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Photo: V. Birkinshaw


The floating theatre has been here all along, in our imagination, in our dreams and just out of reach from the grasp of pragmatism. The teams of people who believed it would arrive were dreamers and tenacious fools, but there it is moored up temporarily like a phantom captured by celluloid.

The players who were homeless for weeks and years have been reignited by the spirits, trapped in a timeless tradition of sound and sight: the primo uomo, the master of ceremony, the dusty concierge, the people of Edo and the innocent souls.

The theatre is breathing, the theatre is sleeping, the theatre is caressing our hand and begging us not to wake up.              

The Floating Theatre is a 60 minute show which can be watched from inside or out. Be one of 30 people to see the show up close from within the luminous walls, where a tiny stage transforms into an endless landscape and no-one is who they seem. Or watch it from outside as a shadow-play for free.  

No age restrictions

Running time - 60 mins


Previous seasons 

Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival (20th - 23rd Feb 2017)

West End Rowing Club - Avondale, Auckland (1st - 4th March 2017)

Viaduct Marina - Central Auckland (8th - 11th March 2017)


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The Floating Theatre




Direction/ design – Stephen Bain

Performers – Jenny McArthur & Jeremy Randerson

Music Composed – Jeff Henderson

Lights – Sean Curham

Costumes - Sarah-Jane Blake

Performance design – Sarah-Jane Blake & Stephen Bain

Video design & operation – Stephen Bain

Production – Winning Productions

Design assistance – Ruby Read

Musicians – Jeff Henderson, Tom Callwood, Nell Thomas,

Daniel Beban, Gerard Crewdson, Anthony Donaldson



Designer – Stephen Bain, Engineer – Nick Barnfield (Showquip), Steel Construction – Matthew Immanual-Burt (Metalmen), Fabric skin – Warwick Bell (Fabric Structure Systems), Detail drawings – Sills van Bohemen Architecture, Stage Doors – Jeremy Randerson.



Creative New Zealand, Chartwell Trust, Auckland Council, Whau Local Board, Winning Productions


Stephen Bain (director - Winning Productions)

(+64) 21 19 111 20

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