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I wanna be na nah na nah nah is an immersive performance. Thirty audience members are given wireless headphones and transported by bus to Ponsonby Road. Half the group are dropped at the northern end of the road and follow 'Dave's Story'. They follow the two performers who interact with the street and lead them through the suburban environment, all the while set to the soundtrack of Dave Fane's documentary storytelling of life growing up as a young Samoan in Ponsonby.


The second group are dropped at the southern end of the road and follow the 'Jess Story', this is based on the soundtrack documentary as told by Tessa Mitchell, passing through bars, nightclubs and streetlife along with two actresses.


Eventually the two groups arrive at a midpoint on Ponsonby road at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church on Vermont Street. Here a cup of tea is provided and reading material is available along with a photo exhibition of the area in the 1980s as it underwent a significant cultural change, or gentrification as it is often referred to.


The two groups change over after this brief pause so as to watch and be led by the second story. Finally the bus picks them up at the end and takes them back to the theatre location they originated from.



Directed & designed - Stephen Bain

Writers/storytellers - Tessa Mitchell & Dave Fane

Performers - Tessa Mitchell, Phoebe Heyhoe, Italia Hunt, Troy Tu'ua


Dramaturg - Fiona Graham

Script Editor - Stephen Bain, Julie Hill


with assistance from

Creative New Zealand

Auckland Council

Playmarket NZ 

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